"Art should be enjoyed and even fun, so if you walk away with a smile on your face, then I'll know I've contributed my part. With my paintings I don't want you to walk away feeling diminished because you don't get it. There's no room for interpretation, they're in your face!". Smith designates punchy one liners from an array of memorable films to his works.

Smith's painting style derives from 1960s romance comics, incorporating bright, bold colors, dramatic in scope and predominantly feature sultry, flirty and empowered women in a series of situations and environments.The Ben-Day dot process, where equal sized dots are equally spaced or overlapped, was something that fascinated Smith.

His works are not digitally produced, but are all hand painted acrylic on canvas (available in giclee prints as well) using mostly primary colors (red, yellow and blue) which allow the paintings to stand out.

Born in Essex, Malcolm studied and practiced engineering and architecture in London and Cambridge UK in the '60s & '70s, all the while longing to delve into his early passion for painting and the arts.

His journey into the arts began with a Montreal career in interior design during the nightclub boom of the '80s, leading to a 20 year career in designing boutiques, offices and private homes worldwide.

Clients impressed by the artistic value of his work asked for commissioned art pieces sparking his earlier passions, and allowing Malcolm to enter the fascinating world of fine arts.