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Inspired by classic movie quotes

From $130 to $17.000. Girl sitting at a bar holding a cocktail with the classic movie quote by Robert De Niro in TAXI DRIVER. Comic style art painting , this is about a mentally unstable Vietnam war veteran who works as nighttime taxi driver in a New York City whose perceived decadence and sleaze feeds his urge to violently lash out.

By comparaison, from the Greek mythology, Aphrodite (Venus) was born of the foam from the sea after Saturn (Cronus) castrated his father Uranus (Zeus) and his blood fell to the sea. From there came the myth that Venus, the goddess of love was born from the foam of Uranus’s genitals... As we say, "Made with love" always prevails!

"You Talkin' to me". Robert de Niro, Taxi driver, 1976